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Shark Tank India 2 feels like Bigg Boss as sharks argue for a petty reason

Shark Tank India 2 has grabbed the attention of the audience for all the wrong reasons since its premiere episode. From Sharks being biased by rejecting Vineet Singh’s competitor brand to Netizens claiming the show looks like Saas-bahu drama, many things about the show drew attention. The latest one is an argument between fellow sharks. Yes! You read it right. It seems like all is not well between them as Namita Thapar asks Anupam Mittal to keep a watch on his ego. Scroll down to learn more!

In the upcoming episode, you will see a heated argument between the sharks for a silly reason. They all got into a fight just over a small deal.

As the promo of Shark Tank India 2 begins, two founders are seen presenting an entertaining pitch on their cool and fun semi-permanent dyes in front of the sharks. They demand 65 lakh rupees for 1% equity. Peyush Bansal states that it is a category-creating business showing interest in the deal. He goes on to say that all they have to do now is figure out how to maximise the benefits to 800-900 crore.

The Kitchen, Dining, and Furniture and Decor Solutions brands follow. The founder reveals that she has a brand reach of 1 lakh and up. When asked about the profit percentage of her brand, she says it is 16–16%, leaving everyone amazed.

Next in Shark Tank India 2, you also get to watch a hilarious pitch that made everyone laugh out loud. However, the final shocking scene in the trailer depicts sharks clashing violently.

Here is how the argument started in Shark Tank India 2

It all started when Vineeta Singh contributed Rs. 65 lakhs for a 4% stake in the company with Anupam Mittal. This irks Aman Gupta, and he says, “At least take others sometimes (Kabhi Toh Kisi Aur Ko Le Liya Karo Yaar).”” Anupam hits back, saying, “You never add value and just act like a hero.” (Tum Value Add Nahi Karte Ho, Yaar Sirf Herogiri Karte Ho.)

“Hero will remain a hero, and the villain will remain a villain,” Aman Gupta responds. He then makes a better offer of 65 lakhs with 5% equity, instructing Vineeta to make a quick decision between the two.

Peyush Bansal then enters the fray, offering 65 lakhs for 1%. Namita Thapar, who is one of the sharks in the show, gets upset after watching this. Anupam tells her, “They are playing a dirty game.” She says, “I don’t agree.”

The founder replies back, saying, “It doesn’t matter what you think.” This shocks Namita, and she stands up in anger, warning him to watch his ego. “Not Ok. You need to keep your ego in check.”

Watch the video here:

After this incident, viewers might feel that the show indeed looks like the controversial reality show Bigg Boss, as sharks fought for a petty reason that was senseless. They could have sorted it out easily in peace, but the fight took place as if they were contenders inside the Bigg Boss house, doing everything for the sake of the audience’s entertainment.

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