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Archana Gautam becomes Hindi teacher to Sreejita De’s fiance in Bigg Boss 16 house. Here’s how fans react!

Archana Gautam steals the show this week in Color TV’s reality show BB16. Bigg Boss 16 is witnessing some cute and funny moments as it’s family week. While the members of every contestant’s family are entering the house one by one to spend time with the inmates, the latest guest who has arrived is Sreejita De’s fiance, Michael Blohm Pape.

When the brother of Archana Gautam, Gulshan, entered the show, everyone loved him for his funny and entertaining personality. He bonded very well with Shiv and Shalin during his time inside the house. With the entry of Sreejita’s fiancé, we assure you that the entertainment is gonna increase even more as something new & interesting will happen. Scroll down to know more!

Archana Gautam chats with Michael in the new promo for Bigg Boss 16

The promo shows Michael making a splashy entry

In the promo video, you will see Michael making a dramatic entry with Griha Pravesh by kicking a glass of water. Sreejita feels overjoyed to see him. She begins dancing around, holding him tightly. Archana Gautam, who is also there, informs Michael that she has always desired to speak to a foreigner. Michael approaches her for chit-chat, and she teaches him her most popular one-liner of the season, “Maar Maar Ke Mor Bana Dungi.”

Michael recites her lines to Sreejita, and they share a flirtatious look. At the same time, Archana Gautam interrupts and says, “Ghar Jake More Banana Sreejita Ko (Have fun at home, not here.)” Everyone bursts into laughter after comprehending what she meant.

Besides Michael, Sumbul Touqeer’s Bade Papa, Iqbal Touqeer also arrive in the Bigg Boss 16 house. He teases Sumbul, surprising everyone with his fun-loving personality. Iqbal eats Sreejita’s food while Bigg Boss has frozen her, and she remains a statue. He next appreciates MC Stan for her ‘Shemdi’ term and reveals that his wife wakes him up daily by calling him Shemdya. This makes the housemates go LOL.

Fans’ reaction to Archana teaching Hindi to Sreejita’s fiance

After watching the promo, loyal viewers commented heavily on it, and Sreejita De is even trending. On the other hand, Archana is receiving tonnes of praise for her acts. Have a look at the remarks from Internet users over Archana and Michael’s conversation. Viewers feel that Archana Gautam is the only person inside the house who gives maximum content to the show and entertains everyone.

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