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Shamita Shetty Commands Raqesh Bapat, “Come here and give me a kiss right now”, here is what he did next

Shamita Shetty and Raqesh Bapat have been busy sparking speculation about their chemistry. Both Bogg boss OTT contestants had been sharing beautiful moments in the show and the recent video from the show is the proof. The video shows how their relationship has evolved.

Shamita can be seen having meal in the video, while Raqesh heated up some food in the microwave. “Usko pura garam mat karna (Don’t heat it fully), it’ll become hard otherwise,” she told him. Raqesh, “Aur kuch (Anything else)?” She looked at him blankly for a second, and said, “You have a problem? I’ll not do it.” He said he didn’t have a problem, and that he was just asking if she has anything else to say.

With a half-smile, Shamita said, “Come here and give me a kiss right now,” and Raqesh instantly went on to kiss her. Another contestant of the show Neha Bhasin said “So sweet”. “Just because he’s looking cute na…,” Shamita said, as she went back to her meal.


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Well, in the past also Raqesh and Shamita were seen flirting with each other on multiple occasions. Raqesh woke Shamita up with a kiss. Raqesh was also seen jumping into bed with her and asking her if he could sleep there.

Now, that’s cute! However, in Bigg Boss’s house, nothing is permanent neither relationship nor friendships, it would be interesting to see how Raqesh and Shamita go ahead with their relationship.

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