Friday, January 21, 2022
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Shahid Kapoor Turns Father has a baby girl


It’s a big day at Shahid Kapoor’s home when her wife Mira Rajput finally delivered a baby girl last evening. The bundle of joy at Shahid’s family finally reached last evening when Mira was seen rushing up to the hospital which indicated that the good news is on the way.

As per reports, both mother and daughter are reported in a good state and healthy condition, while baby was born at the suburban hospital late evening when Shahid Kapoor was present with Mira while she was admitted to the said hospital.

The two have tied a knot in July 2015 and the following year their family is completed now. We at CineTalkers wish him and his family a very joyous days ahead with the little bundle of joy coming and increasing the happiness of the family.

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