Shadan Farooqui an emerging name in the fashion world

Shadan Farooqui

For Shadan Farooqui, fashion is something, he loves to talk all about. He was grown up exploring the fashion world apart from making his body in the right shape at the gym. Soon, he realized to share his knowledge with the world and blogs are the best platform to share his views on the world. So, without wasting any time, he embarked on his blog and started writing about garments, designs, and brands that deal in the fashion world. It took less than a year to become popular in the world of fashion and end up having a decent readership for his blog apart from seeing him contributing to other platforms.

Besides, he is also a fitness freak and loves to take care of his body to keep it in the right shape. This helped him to have a good blend in his fashion and fitness allowing him to get good offers from the fashion world, which he readily accepted. So, without wasting any time, he came out with the idea of becoming the part and parcel of many modeling and ad campaigns for various brands. These include walking on the ramps for various brands and later appearing for various print and commercial ads on small screen thus making a decent name in the modeling world.

With his ample knowledge in the field of fashion, he decimates his knowledge to the world and this has also given him the chance to remain as the world of fashion portraying the brands and designs before the world. Needless to say that his cool body and good looks have made him come close to the world of modeling by becoming the part and parcel of many ad campaigns. He is here to stay along in this world as he calls this to be his start and intends to go long in this field well reaching the zenith of his success.

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