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Anveshi Jain Meshmerizes with her melodious cover song Tum Hi Aana from Marjaavaan

Jeetu Likhar



Tum Hi Aana Song By Anveshi Jain

Tum Hi Aana Song By Anveshi Jain

The film Marjaavaan all set to release soon has some of the best songs and one of the songs released includes the one called Tum Hia Aana, which has sustained the buzz in the media in a big way. They have released the song called Tum Hi Aana with the voice of Anveshi Jain. The song is powered by Ease My Trip and it is produced by Prashant Jammuwalla EasyMusic. The Recording, Arrangement, Mixing and Mastering was carried out by OverDose, while the song is directed by – Shivai Vyas & Rahul Negi, Songs was aggressively marketed by Nitesh Devpal and edited by Peejay Jester & Krishnakant K.

The singer seemed to have mesmerized with her melodious voice showcasing the perfect emotions one can see by the leading lady in the song. The song comes along with Cinematographer – Rahul Negi who has done justice in his work allowing the singer and artist to embark upon the perfect dance action. The styling and Vasundhara Joshi and Hair & Make up was carried out by Sakil Kunwar that perfected the aura and aesthetics of the lady singing in the song.

The original song is from the film Marjaavaan, but the Ease My Trip song by the talented singer has maintained the same melody in a big way. All thanks to the melodious voice of the singer that has helmed everyone to mesmerize the listeners in a big way. For the music lovers, it will be a treat to their ears all thanks to the perfection seen in the song by the gorgeous singer – Anveshi Jain backed by powerful lyrics that are both thought-provoking and meaningful.

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