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The secret behind SRK Eight Pack Abs

Shah Rukh Khan Eight Pack Abs

This is not the first time when Shah Rukh Khan has made his pack abs. Well, if you remember his 2007-based movie called Om Shanti Om, he has built his six-pack abs that time. However, with his next movie releasing this year called Happy New Year, he has embarked again on the screen with not six but eight pack abs this time. People SRK have made the trend to show pack abs to the world, however, when it comes to building them, it is often a daunting task, which cannot be tried and tested by all. Yet it would be interesting to explore the secrets behind the same, let us check them out as under:

Six long year to make

The men behind building up these eight pack abs were the trainers of SRK’s own gym called Prasant Sawant who took all the pain to train him get the muscular body. As Rome was not built in a day and so is the case of these pack abs. It took six long months to build them up. As per the trainer, you wil not find much difference between building six or eight pack abs. The only difference comes in the form of number, earlier in OSO you got the view of six but now it is eight.

The basic requirement

Well you need first of all the will power to get these pack abs. It is vital to have the right kind of training and passion to get these pack abs. However, building up the bodies do depend upon the lifestyle you lead. People in the glam business often easily make such bodies, as it is mandatory for them to sustain in this industry or else soon they would turn obsolete.

The ingredients

Well, you do not have to follow a strict dieting course to build up the body. However, having a diet every alternate day would do, which happened in the case of SRK. Anyone can make the eight pack abs, provided you rigorously follow the routine, diet and have the discipline unlike the way it is seen by Shah Rukh Khan. You need a correct training, the right discipline, passion and consistency to see your abs growing. SRK is the classic example for this. Even the trainers working with him get inspired to see the way he has worked hard to make such body.

The energy level matters

The training to build up that kind of body unlike seen in SRK’s eight pack abs would differ from one person to the other. This generally depend upon one factor, which comes in the form of energy levels. It wasn’t that easy for SRK to get that body, but thanks to his high energy level, which has turned out in this form. Any layman would take around one year to built up these pack abs. SRK is known to be a man with greater metabolic rate. In the case of SRK, he went for a shoulder surgery after Chennai Express, which followed a rehab training. However, he also met two accidents hurting his knee, while shooting Happy New Year, hence it took more time to recover and get those pack abs for him.

The Shah Rukh Khan Way

After working for six long months he was able to get those eight pack abs on his body. Despite having great energy, it took that time to get the body. Luckily, SRK is blessed with an athlete’s body, which is vital for these things. For SRK, Sawant was the man whom he always trusted hence he is there with him since Asoka days.  He has been guiding SRK in everything right from the workouts to diets. Besides, SRK always loved trying out the newer methods and techniques introduced in workout and exercising. This has therefore created a good bond with his trainer, which helped him a lot to get the body despite being the age of 49.

It is really difficult to have that kind of body at this age unlike seen in the case of SRK. But thanks to his commitment and hard work he was finally able to do despite all the injuries and surgery he went through over his body since one year. With his passion, dedication, energy and consistency, he was able to set trends in this domain.

He is also known to have ample amount of self control hence you would never see him eating junk or fussy stuff. He always relies on healthy food and keeps himself into a light eater. He is never an overeater even during the parties or festivals. He is indeed a true sportsman, who played a number of sports including soccer and hockey during his school days.

The workout session

He is known to work out for around five days in a week for around one and half hours at the time when the world sleeps – 2 or 3 am. He is indeed a great nightrider. He tried various blends to see this body turning for him. It was a blend of strength and functional training along with trying out things like weight and suspension training. He even tried special vibrating dumbbells, while the other training options include the powerplay methods that kept his shoulder in a right shape and lets not forget to count his 10 minutes cardiovascular exercises too that made the difference. Every 15 days he used to change his workout timetable along with trying out too many stomach crunches.

A big salute to him and his efforts for accomplishing his dreams, indeed, his efforts was paid back to him. Good Going Mr. SRK, Keep It Up!

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