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Creature 3D Movie Review

Creature 3d movie review

Vikram Bhat’s movie – Creature 3D is all set to hit the theatres this Friday (12th September 2014). The movie stars Bipasha Basu, Imran Abbas Naqvi, Mukul Dev, Amit Tandon and Surveen Chawla (guest appearance). The movie is produced under the banner of T Series along with the association of BVG Films. For the Pakistani actor Imran Abbas Naqvi, it is his first movie in Bollywood. It is a horror flick, which carries the sensual presence of Bipasha Basu and thus can be called as her first big movie since Race.  The music has been composed by Mithoon and Tony Kakkar, while the playback singing is being carried out by Arjit Singh, Benny Dayal, Farhan Saeen, Tulsi, etc. while the lyrics comes from Mehboob, Raqueeb Alam and Irshad Kamil. The movie has received U/A certificate and especially targeted to the young crowd.

Let us check the plot, the story starts with an enterprising and young girl called Ahana played by Bipasha Basu, who is based in a hilly terrains, wherein she embarks with her own cosy and warm hotel known as Glendale Forest Lodge. One day, in the same Summer Hill based hotel, she meets a young guy called Kunal (Imran), who happens to be a popular writer. He is among the first guest to this new hotel based in such a lovely place close to Mother Nature. Everything seems to be going smooth until the Summer Hill is attacked in a usual way. Soon Ahana is seen getting traumatized seeing her guests losing their lives, which eventually spreads the rumour that this place is no more safe to stay. Then you have a man called Professor Sadana played by Mukul Dev, who teaches Zoology happens to visit this place the same time. He realises the presence of an unusual creature and he finally advises Aahana to leave this place, however, she remains in the dilemma whether to close it or simply fight back. The movie is all about the fight with a supernatural power creature and thrill along with the sensual moments, thanks to the presence of Bips in it.

Ever since the trailer hit the social media sites, though the views over the promos were seen at a higher side, however, most of the critics have expressed their displeasure and dejection about the script and story behind it. And as you sit back to watch this movie, you may find most of the part, especially the first part half backed despite the tall claims coming from Bips that the flick competes with a Hollywood movie in terms of action and story. Ironically, the movie upsets the audience in terms of having a captivating story as you find something weird backing up the evolution of the super natural alien coming in the form of a Creature. Showcased in the form of a science fiction, it fails to even stand on the benchmark of professionalism required to make such kind of movies unlike seen and heard in Hollywood. Sorry to say that the movie has failed to impress the critics, except to carry the usual masala in it, which can attract the conventional audience.

As far as the performance of the actors is concerned, all seem to be new except Bips, however, she is seen in her same old avatar. She isn’t new in her alluring and sensual appearance and thus you would find the same old Bipasha trying the usual things she did in her previous movies, but this time the man is new in Bollywood. The romance and hot sequences are limited since the movie is all about showing a creature, which can compete with a Hollywood alien. However, it failed to do so, except the fact that it happens to be a 3D movie, which can garner some kind of thrill and fear among the audience watching the film. The performances of other actors especially Imran and Mukul Dev seemed to be above average, yet it failed to impress.

Unlike any other Bhatt movie, Creature 3D too shows some of the best locations, which can mesmerize the audience. Interestingly, the music has impressed so far the audience and critics. The songs can be called as good ear for the music. Both the vocals and compositions comes from bigwigs of Bollywood moving beyond the expectations. Overall, the music is soothing worthy to listen and even catching up its videos. You can therefore call the soundtrack of Creature 3D good in terms of melodies and hence can be a likeable stuff. However, at the very same time you can find most of its song losing the ‘it’ factor, which is only possible when the movie finally does something good over the Box Office.

Final Word – Creature 3D

Creature 3D can be called as an experiment, which is basically a science fiction but at times you can even feel the superpower natural element in it, which is based on certain religious mythology. The story seems to be half baked with meagre performances be it of the older or newer actors of B Town. There is not much impressive about the movie except the 3D element, which makes the alien creature not thrilling but only scary. However, at the same time it has all the masala elements, which any conventional movie audience would aspire from any B Town movie. For such crowd, you may find certain entertaining elements to watch in Creature 3D.


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