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Savaale Samaali 1st Day Box Office Collection

Savaale Samaali

The movie which was somewhere rolling around the town doesn’t seemed that it will be on the floor so quickly, but for this there is something which made it to that level of hidden somewhere and the thing is less presence in the promos and mouth publicity that have badly impacted the box office collection of the movie.

Under the directions of Sathya Siva and along with his coordinating producer cum a stunning actor C.Arunpandian, the movie touched the floors on 4th September 2015 featuring some of the stars like Ashok Selvan, Bindu Madhavi, Ganja Karuppu, Karunas, MS Bhaskar, Manobala Mahadevan, Nellai Siva and of course our favorite Paravai Muniyamma as leading stars.

Finally coming on to the part for which we all are here for i.e. for the box office collection on its first day. Despite the movie explores the fragrance of villagers and small town with little but heart whelming love and comedy entertainment along with some interesting scenes. Apart from all this, the one who have pulled up the entire movie till the end was none other than Ashok with his crazy. Thus the movie is expected to touch more than 2Crores worldwide if everything goes in favor of the movie.

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