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Sarbjit Featuring Aishwarya Rai Bachchan Banned in Pakistan!

A well known statement and indeed a we all have feel the bitterness of the same ‘A Truth is Always Bitter Like Anything’ – one of the famous and day to day life experience word is indeed seems to be reflecting behind the border. Yes, we are talking about the battle which is soothing since 1947 i.e. the two politically hostile countries namely Pakistan and India. Who doesn’t know the fire which almost there inside the hearts of each one of us, despite there have been multiple breaking barriers between the two countries, films and especially Bollywood has helped do the impossible but even today it still seems to be like we haven’t changed a bit since then.

Forget about India, we have never learnt how to get defensive, we have always kept mum irrespective of what may be the situation, despite we had so many clues against Pakistan. Guess people residing over there always tried to betray us and here we go, the film industry over there have once again shown there black faces by smashing a ban to the world’s renowned celeb Aishwarya Rai Bachchan looming movie Sarbjit”. A movie which purely fragrance the life of an Indian farmer who was kept in Pakistani jail till the very last day and the relentless fight for justice led by his sister Dalbir Kaur.

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