Sarbjeet Kaur: Taking Passion & Profession Together in her Life

Sarbjeet Kaur
Sarbjeet Kaur

As they say, if you want to keep yourself sane, focus on things like Persistence, Perfection, Patience, Power and prioritizing your passion. This fits the best in the life of Sarabjeet Kaur the professional air hostess who is making her presence felt in the entertainment domain by taking up her hobbies as her profession. She has always aspired to fly high keeping intact her passion for reading, writing, dancing and travelling. She now owns a company called Pure Bhangra, which is a platform for arranging performances of artists, celebrities and managing a team of folk dancers.
She herself is a trained dancer and has been applauded for her incredible performances in several celebrity events. The past three years with her association with Pure Bhangra has been productive for her career. She was able to do a wonderful job or spread the vibrant culture of her state Punjab. It is always a delight to watch the dance of Bhangra but when it comes through proper training and grooming, it becomes a treat to watch the dance forms like Bhangra and Gidha.
Sarbjeet has planned to come out with Bhangra Fest in the Middle East, which will be the biggest Punjabi concert in the continent. He has managed so many such events for Indian government and other groups. Talking about the same, Sarabjeet claims that the tradition of Punjab is vibrant and fun along with the true colours would be observed in the events. Thus the Punjabi Concert in Middle East would remain the biggest in the said areas as it will enthrall the audience with vibrant performances.
When it comes to managing it in Middle East, Sarabjeet faces a few challenges but being an air hostess in Dubai Airlines will help her in making things easy. She is continuing with her job of Air Hostess along with her passion and does not want to give anyone as call both the things as important and ingredient aspects of her life. If things work, she will be organising a series of events in different parts of the Middle East. And people close to her claim that she has commenced her work with thorough research work.
As travel has been Sarbjeet’s passion, she is using it to research and plan the concert in the said place. She has a huge fan following on social media, she is leveraging on that. Her Instagram page has huge stuff to watch and she will be using it to propagate the idea the best. She inspires everyone with her cool and interesting content. She has emerged out as the one who follows both her passion and profession together the best.

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