Meet Rachit Sharma, India’s hottest upcoming contemporary music artist

Rachit Sharma
Rachit Sharma

For those who know Rachit Sharma very well, you will bear witness to the fact that his tracks has a flavor of their own . The talented music artist has taken India’s music to a whole new level with many falling in love with his soulful vocals. Actually, many view him as a real embodiment of the contemporary music world in India. In this post, we will take you through some of the things you probably did not know about Rachit Sharma. Read on and find out more.

His Love for Music
Rachit’s love for music started while in school since he was fond of writing songs. In fact, he took this as the perfect opportunity to get things off his chest. At no time did he think of contacting anyone to record his songs. However, things changed as soon as he wrote his first hip hop track and has never looked back ever since. Despite this, Rachit views himself as more of a songwriter rather than a singer. Well, this is what keeps most artists going when it comes to the process of making music.

Rachit Sharma Singles
Rachit Sharma music is already capturing the attention of many people. Actually, 2020 can be viewed as his year for success since he released his first official single “RANG” that was widely received. This was then followed by “LAMHE” that was released on 12th March 2020. If you are yet to listen to any of his songs, then you are missing out on some soothing music that will help you forget the stress that life brings at times. The good news is that his singles are available on all the major music streaming platforms. You can therefore listen to any of his songs online as long as you are connected to a network.

What to Expect from Rachit Sharma in the Future
More is set to come from Rachit Sharma since his music career is just starting. He is set to release his first album “Bandishe”, which he has been working on for the past few months. In his first album, Rachit Sharma is expected to feature other artists. Well, this comes as good news considering their singing talent will take his album to a whole new level. We are all eagerly waiting for his new album considering he did not disappoint with his first and second singles.

The Bottom Line
Rachit Sharma is one of the best upcoming musical artist you will fall in love with immediately after listening to his work. If you are yet to listen to any of his songs, then you should check them out and appreciate what he has to offer. Check out his work today and find out more regarding what he has to offer. Better, you can listen to both of his singles regardless of your location.

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