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Sanjay Khan

Personal Info :

Born: January 3, 1941
Age : 73
Birthplace : Bangalore
Height: 1.70 m

Sanjay Khan Wiki :

Sanjay Khan was one of the leading actors of the 1960s and 70s in Bollywood. Another actor of the time Feroz Khan is his brother. Sanjay was born as Abbas Khan. He adopted the screen name Sanjay for films.

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Sanjay starred in films like Haqeeqat,Dosti, Intequam,Saas Bhi Kabhi Bahu thi,Upaasna. In the later part of his acting career, he acted in Chandi Sona, Chingari, Kala Dhan aur gore Log.he married Zarine Khan , a well known model of the time , with whom he has four children. Around the seventies Sanjay was in news for having a relationship with the hot siren of the time Zeenat Aman when he was already married . The two finally separated and Sanjay’s marriage was saved.

Sanjay was a powerful actor. He portrayed drastically different characters from lover boys to honest police officers. Sanjay acted in his last film in 1986 after which he decided to shift gears to other forms of entertainment business. As a result he established his production house and brought up serials that made great impact on television that was still in its budding years. Television had not yet reached every home in India but Sanjay Khan’s The Sword Of Tipu Sultan recorded very high viewership across the nation. The show was based on a book by the same name. Sanjay played he title role in a majestic manner and became highly popular as he never was in films. It is also known among the audience that on the day of inauguration of the shoot of this show, a massive fire broke out in the hall where the function was held. It left 52 dead and Sanjay Khan himself was majorly injured suffering more than 30% burns. After being hospitalized for over an year, he showed immense grit to resume the shoot the serial and even completed it. His determination and hard work transpired on the screen and it became a huge success on the Indian television. It was the first historical show of its kind on the Indian television after which many such shows followed.

This was only the beginning of his career in TV show production. He later followed it up with shows like The Great Marathas , 1857 Kranti and Jai Hanuman that were also equally successful. Sanjay Khan adds his own impactful personality and grandiosity to his production and that is what makes his shows very delectable.

Besides production, Sanjay has also ventured into hotel and resort business that has also met with success. He along with his wife Zarine Khan created the Five Star Deluxe Golden Palms sizzlingel and Spa in the heart of Banglore city. He also invests in sports and other businesses.

Sanjay’s daughter Suzzane Khan married actor Hrithik Roshan in 2000 from whom she separated recently. His only son Zayed Khan has acted in films like Main Hoo Na and Fight Club.

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