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Sanjay Dutt to Walk Free Tomorrow

After staying for around 42 months in Yerwada Jail in Pune, the actors Sanjay Dutt will be walking free from the prison. He was convicted for possessing illegal arms at his place. As per the Jail authorities, the actor who has been making headlines for taking several furloughs to come out to complete his shooting and other things is finally completing his tenure in the jail. As per his lawyers, the remission days of Dutt were calculated as per the rules and Jail Manual. He will be released sharp at 10.00 am amidst the normal procedure as adopted by any other prisoner claimed the Jail SP Mr. UT Pawar.

He refuted to all the allegations that Dutt was enjoying special treatment while he was in the jail. His good behavior in the Jail has given him the remission for few weeks. He was taken into custody in the year 2013 to undergo the remaining sentence. As per the officials the actor also earned for making paper bags while he was in the Jail. Despite being a celebrity, he participated in all the activities of Jail and marathon and during the investigation he remained in jail for 18 months, which was deducted from his total number of years in five years. During his stay in the jail, he was given a parole of 90 days in December followed for 30 days later.

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