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Sanjay Dutt Arms & Ammunitions case – The Chronology of events

Sanjay Dutt is back in news as his day of releasing is just one day ahead. He has been serving the five years of Supreme Court in Yervada Jail due to his involvement in the 1993 Mumbai Serial Blast case.  When he was arrested, he confessed that Dawood and his friend Samir had visited at his place with the 3 AK 56 rifles and the actor had kept one as he was getting threats after the Bombay Riots in Bombay 1992. He claimed that the weapon was kept for his protection. He was then arrested in 1993 for the conspiracy activities under the act of TADA.

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However, after a brief custody he managed to secure himself with a bail after 18 months of his imprisonment and 11 years after this, he was again acquitted from the charges of TADA. However, for the illegal arms he had at his place, he was convicted for the same for six years in jail and again he went out on bail with an appeal in Supreme Court. Finally on the verdict of SC, he was sentenced to jail again but his term in jail was cut short by the court. And he went to the jail he kept on coming out with parole and furlough to complete his films or to have rest for the growing conditions in him. So, if we jot down the chronology about his arrest on the given charges, it can go in the following ways:

  • July 2007 – He was sentenced to 6 years behind the bars
  • Jan 2009 – He was out on Bail after 18 months of imprisonment
  • March 2013 – His sentence was then reduced to 5 years by the Supreme Court and thus went to Yerwada Jail
  • October 2013 – He came out of Parole for 14 days, which extended for another 14 days for his leg treatment
  • December 2013 – He again came out for a parole of 28 days, which was again extended for the same amount of days as his wife – Manyata Dutt was suffering from TB.
  • December 2014 – He was granted another furlough of 14 days and demanded 14 days but his request was denied.
  • August 2015 – He was granted another furlough of 30 days since he wanted to attend his daughter who was undergoing a nose surgery.
  • 25th Feb 2016 – He will walk free after serving imprisonment, which was reduced due to his good conduct in the Yerwada Jail.

Once he is back to his normal life, there are many movies and ventures to complete, which remain incomplete for obvious reasons. Mind it, his filmmaker friend – Rajkummar Hirani is making a biopic on his life by roping Ranbir Kapoor in it considering too many ups and downs in his life, which becomes a perfect fodder for a good script. During his stay in Jail, he made Rs. 450 for making paper bags.



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