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Samrat & Co Movie review

Samrat & Co Movie review

In few words, if you look at the review of Smart & Co directed by Kaushik Ghatak with main lead as Rajeev Khandelwal, Gopal Datt and Madalsa Sharma is nothing but an amateur endeavor to make a thriller. After the monotonous kind of entry of Rajeev in Ishq again he is seen with another disaster called Smart & Co. Similar is the story of Kaushik Ghatak who seems to come out with a miserable movie. You see the movie starting with some sort of lame kind of homage, which is being paid to Sir Arthus C Doyle and the invention that comes from Sherlock Holmes. But his weird kind of hair style seems to be unraveling the puzzles of the cases, which seems to be taking up any further.

Well, time to cut down the misery of the film. You will find wealthy and gorgeous kind of girl called Dimpy Singh played by Madalsa Sharma is seen taking the professional of a detective called Samrat Tilakdhari played by Rajeev Khandelwal since she find something suspicious in the garden of her lofty mansion. Her green garden is losing cholorophyll by becoming yellow. Similar was the story of her father Mahendra Pratap played by the actor called Girish Karnad. If was not called a bad stuff even when her father’s favorite horse suddenly losing his life in a very mysterious way.

The detective in his weird kind of hair style simply loves to go for weird cases. He then arrives the mansion based in Shimla to investigate. However, the moment he comes here, there is another murder seen in the movie and nothing really seems to be working in his favor. The movie can be called as a bad copy of a number of scenes from different detective movies, without having any single redeeming kind of features in it. Even Rajeev who is good actor seems going listless here. The fact of the matter is you would feel that he is seen getting a wrong character here since you find a detective who is talking very much fast and carrying out mouthing a number one liner that can be called the only witty thing in the movie.

You may call the same being romantic angle being added in the movie, which comes with an investigation. The very same moment, you see Dimpy getting fantasized with the detective and hence there are number of romantic moments in the movie. However, the movie can be called as an amateur effort to make a thriller wherein you see this movie concluding with the interval point before even moving ahead with the silliness. Also, the production values are seen getting outright shoddy. So, watching any episode of CID would be a better bet rather than catching up Smart & Co.

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