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Kanchi Movie Review

Kanchi movie review

Those you know Subhash Ghai or happen to be his fan need to face one truth that he is not often a good filmmaker in terms of classical sense. You can often find a number of movies, which comes out to be bombastic, unsubtle and jingoistic. Yet you can call him the real showman of Bollywood since a number of decades. He has been recognized and rewarded for entertaining with his own brand of movies, which even with no substance had many other things worthy like iconic music and exotic acting inventions and so on. His passion and obsession to the alphabet of M has really helped a number of actresses to get a good break in the movie world, which certainly include Manisha Koirala, Meenakshi Sheshadri and Madhuri Dixit along with a number of other similar actresses.

Well his latest muse simply follow the trend the same obsession, which comes in the form of Mishti Mukherjee who real name however, is Indrani Chakraborty now seems to be the central character of the movie called Kanchi. Six years before he has his unbreakable movie called Yuvraaj hitting the theatres in 2008. He described his recent movie in one of his interviews called a saga of women empowerment wherein Mishti is seen playing the eponymous kind of characters who after being the eye witness of the murder of her finance cum good friend Binda played by Kartik Aryan simply plans to counter the robust and powerful family, which is headed by a dreaded politician called Shayam Kakda (played by Mithun Chakraborty).

Kanchi who comes like an unbreakable lady comes out with noble intentions, which is only a little good thing you find in this movie otherwise the movie can be called as a big disaster. These types of films wherein you see the characters being looking over the Camera with a wink, while the audience watching the same can be called as a big joke. This is the type of a film wherein you can find one character being saying something to the right effect and can be seen a lethal one to the other by having straight kind of faces. It’s the type of movie, which really help the students to get the Whistling Woods International. Whereas the students at the Bombay based acting school of Ghai would give them the opportunity in order to practice the skills, which they have been learning in their classes.

At this juncture, you can find a number of comments exhorting everyone as they come one week the other in order to calm down the things what you are expecting or simply return to the United States in case if you happen to be jealous about it. Well, the fact of the matter is you are supposed to check the bare minimum expectations, which you, me and all have from the directors or filmmakers especially in the current year of 2014. However, the very same year has some good movies like Highway, Aankhon Dekhi Ghai, Queen and Dedh Ishquiya, which directs the movie as if it is still in the year 1991 in order to complete with gruff background kind of score, which have been put together so maliciously, well with such a blend it brings nothing but a bad headache by the interval.

You would find the fictional hamlet found over Koshampa in Uttrakhand, wherein in the first half of the movie simply showcase Kaanchi unlike the headstrong who happen to be annoyingly the cutest girl that seeks the attention of Sushant who happen to be the son of Shyam. Provoked by the sordid uncle who is seen playing with loads of enthusiasm by Rishi Kapoor, you would find Sushant finding himself over the loggerheads with Binda who happen to be the best friend of Kanchi and among the eventual love interest. Soon, you would see Binda running over the cliff by Shushant’s car, which is basically a scene wherein S Ghai was seen showcasing stunts that can be used like homage of any Crouching Tiger that happen to be a hidden dragon.

You see distraught Mishti committing suicide by simply jumping in the running river, however, in the reality is seen swimming to more than four different villages arriving the Uttrakhand’s Dehradun who finally makes her escape to Bombay in order to hatch the revenge. There you can find her the long lost pal who happens to be a police officer, being played by Chandan R Sanval. As you see the movie ending up, you can find the finish very much melodramatic but at the same time it comprises of some humorous half cooked campaign against the corruption, which showcases visibly embarrassing Mita Vashist.

Apart from the horrible and expository kind of dialogue you find in Kaanchi, the robust features borderline simply remain unbearable who seem to be acting from almost everyone, which bar veterans like Chakraborty and Kapoor. Mishti is seen appearing like a debutante that has been grossly mistaken over the school level debate competition. You may find some kind of glimpse of Aishwarya Rai seen in Taal a bit hit of Subhash Ghai in the year 1999 in Kaanchi. The music given by the due Salim Suleman along with Ismail Darbar seems to be incredible and forgettable, who can forget the song – Kambal Ke Neeche, which you have found over the screen this year.

This can be called as a vapid kind of filmmaking exercise carried out simply in order to launch any new actress and implement by simply pulling out different favors from some old friends and the junior associates. This can be called as an example of a different kind of movie, which Bollywood has to leave behind. The sooner it does the better would be the result especially when the industry wants to target and bring closer the smarter and younger kind of audience. Well, the bottom line, its high time for Subhash Ghai to hang his shows before he ruins his legacy that he is going to leave behind people in the film world. The fact is with this movie, nothing can be worse than the other from Ghai.

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