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Salman’s Devil’s role in Kick Vs. Hrithik in flying action in Bang Bang

kick and bang bang

With smashing teaser of Bang Bang of Hrithik Roshan having released few hours today has simply given the stylish hero a new entry in B Town. The smashing hit teaser of Bang Bang with Hrithik seen in action in of the fastest car on the planet has simply made a straight comparison of his role with Salman’s devil character in his forthcoming movie Kick. At such junctures, comparing the two and finding out the best would be an interesting analysis to do, let’s peep inside the two to get the gist of the debate.

When Two Stars Collide With Incredible Action

Well, what happens when you see one of two top sexiest and hot hunks of Bollywood colliding in action roles in two different movies? The answer is straight and clear, you get a Bang-Bang phenomenon around. Looking at the action of Hrithik Roshan 60 second teaser released today seems to show Hrithik is an incredible action. On the other hand, you have Salman Khan seen in devil’s role in his forthcoming movie Kick. He too seems lethal and incredible in the action. As per Salman’s fans, the movie is all set to break another record unlike the previous one of Sallu Baba. Nothing seems to be clear at the moment until the Bang Bang finally releases in forthcoming October then you can be in a right position to compare the two.

The Buzz is at both the ends

As the poster and now the teaser coming out of Bang-Bang, the buzz has already started gathering for the said movie. Both Hrithik and Katrina is the poster of Bang Bang seems incredible and has seen some high fever response from the audience. The trade analysts and fans together are seen saying that it has the potentials of breaking and smashing other movies surfacing this year, which can even include Kick. In terms of response and social media signals coming in the form of comments, likes and views, Bang-Bang’s poster seems to have better figures as compared to Kick. However, the response to the promos of Kick too has garnered similar kind of response from the media, people and even celebs. So, still not clear, which one would steal the show?

The killer elements

As far as action is concerned, Hrithik Roshan seems to be scoring the point with just one teaser coming out wherein he is seen an incredible action, which people feel is better than the ones discovered in Kick by Salman. In terms of killer elements, action in Bang-Bang would be seen more than Kick, well, though it’s still naïve to claim about the same. Secondly, you have other elements like music and song, which is still to come out for Bang Bang. However, with Kick, its song like Jumme Ki Raat has received an average buzz from the audience. However, both Kat and Hrithik can be expected to come out with better music and songs, which can hone the potentials to the Bang Bang to win the race at the end.

The action fight

In terms of action, both Salman and Hrithik seem to be the ace actors in B Town. When you have power packed action seen in Wanted, Ek Tha Tiger and Dabang, you have Hrithik too having similar actions seen in movies like Krish and other movies. In fact, comparing the action element of Kick and Bang Bang, the latter has an edge over the former. The entire shooting of action of Bang Bang has been carried out in Dubai, with the ace action man of Hollywood called Andy Armstrong. This element is however seen missing in Salman’s Kick, again, Bang Bang has more probability and potentials to win the race against Sallu baba’s forthcoming movie.

The Box office fight

Ek Tha Tiger and Krissh 3 were released close to each other, which gives us the opportunity to compare the two action stars together in terms of Box Office. When Ek Tha Tiger was able to secure 199 crore over the Box Office, on the other side, you have Krissh 3 making a whopping amount of 240 crore over the box office. It would be therefore interesting to see whether Bang-Bang can repeat the same history in comparison to Kick

Any guesses, who will win?

Though Hrithik could be good in terms of action in comparison to Salman Khan in certain ways, yet it would be difficult to predict, which movie would become the highest grosser of the year. Hence the debate, which one is better, goes back to the audience to decide. At both the ends, you have the killer and smarter elements, which can help in winning the race, but the final ball, would be seen at the audience court. So, Just Wait and Watch!

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