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Salman Khan is the new king of romance

Salman Khan

Shahrukh Khan will eternally be known mainly as a romantic actor. But in the present times, it is Salman Khan who woos the audiences with his romantic roles.

While Shahrukh Khan associated himself with the genre of comedy and thrillers more in the recent past with films like Chennai Express and Hapy New Year, Salman played romantic roles more in his latest films. Salman had never scored less with his female fans. But in the recent few years, he emerged to be more popular than Shahrukh both onscreen and offscreen. With films like Wanted and Dabang, he became predominantly an action hero. But his romancing his heroines in films like Dabang , Bodyguard, Ek Tha Tiger and Kick struck the right chord with his fans.

In Dabangg, he was the funny and cool policeman who is smitten by a troubled girl , Rajjo, played by Soankshi Sinha. Sonakshi and Salman made a beautiful pair and Chulbul Pandey’s romantic side was more loved by his fans than his action. In Bodyguard that released in 2011, he was equally romantic as he was fighting the villains. With Kareena Kapoor, he made a Super hit Jodi for the first time. Lovely Singh’s character was adorable and his innocence impressed us all. He attracted sympathy when the unknown caller betrayed him and he brought tears in our eyes when he eventually finds his true love in Kareena’s character.

Like the previous films, Ek Tha Tiger was also a high earning film in 2012. This Katrina Kaif and Salman Khan starrer film attracted huge crowd to theatres solely because the Superhit Jodi of the real life couple. It was the love story of two intelligence department officials who fell in love and then gave a slip to their chasers. The Jodi was loved not only for action but also for the scintillating love sequences and songs. Ek Tha Tiger was one of the top earning films of the year.

Kick which released in 2014 set a new standard for Salman Khan films. In the film he once again seen in his Robinhood avatar like in Dabang. Jacqueline Fernades played Salman’s love interest. She is a psychiatrist in the film which was a rather unusual character to play in Hindi films. The love and separation of the two was interwoven within an action packed script. While Jacqueline looked beautiful and stylish Salman was macho yet adorable. The film went on collect a huge amount of 355 crore.

Salman , the most eligible bachelor in the country stirs many hearts when he woos his girl or fights a villain. Soon we might see Salman Khan playing fully romantic roles in future.

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