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Salman Khan Hit and Run Case: The 8 charges Proved Against the Actor

Salman khan hit and run case verdict inside story

Finally the Salman Khan hit and run case of 13 years old got its verdict from Mumbai Session Court. The case, which was pending in the court for more than a decade came to an end with a final verdict going against the actor, giving him imprisonment. The case witnessed a roller coaster ride while passing through the 13 long years. At times, it even went too filmy but thanks to the efforts of prosecution and the strong evidences found against the actor, the Session Court in Mumbai was able to pronounce conviction for eight different charges made against the actor. For these eight charges, he has been given 10 years of imprisonment on charges of culpable homicide and not amounting to the murder.

Salman Khan inside Court Room

Salman Khan who was seen in the witness box inside the court, which was jam-packed by media, lawyers and his fans along with his family members except his parents listened to the charges with tears in his eyes. He was found guilty for killing one person and injuring a couple of the pavement dwellers sleeping adjacent to a Bakery Store. The Session Court Judge D W Deshpande had no hesitation in pronouncing the verdict as he came across a number of evidence against the actor. He categorically was seen saying to the actor that it was him who drove the car, improbable, which your driver was seen at the driving seat.

The Eight Charges against Salman Khan

During the trial for his hit and run case, the actor was seen with eight different charges, which were imposed on him. These are as under:

1). The Section 304 II of IPC (Indian Penal Code), which states the Culpable Homicide Charges not amounting to murder

2). The Section 337 of IPC, which causes hurt by any act that endangers life or the personal safety of any person or people.

3). The Section 338 of IPC, which causes: Causing serious injuries by any act that endangers life or personal safety of other people.

4). The Section 3(1) of the Motor Vehicles Act, which keeps away any person to drive a motor vehicle at public places without holding any valid driving licenses that comes from an authorized agency to drive any vehicle.

5). Again the Section 3(1), no driving license found with Salman Khan

6:The Section 134 of Motor Vehicles Act, which gives certain duties to any driver, which he need to follow under any accident and while injuring any person with his vehicle.

7). The Section 187 of Motor Vehicles Act, which punishes the driver if he or she drives under drunk state.

8). The Section 185 of Motor Vehicles Act, which deals with the driver or an owner of the vehicle who fails to report his or her involvement of their vehicles in case of any accident and pass on the required details to the concerned Police Officer, and he or she will be punishable with the imprisonment charges to around three months with a fine of Rs. 500 or both can be applicable in case of an accident while getting convicted for the same.

What Next? 

The Court will issue a detailed conviction for the number of years of imprisonment for the actor in the second half (1.10pm). This will decide the further course of action from Salman Khan and his lawyers. Though the lawyers have appealed the court that the medical conditions of Salman Khan is not proper to be kept behind the bars for long, hence he should be given a lenient punishment. Moreover, all his charity activities from his known group Being Human will come to an end from where hordes of people are benefitted. Now, if he gets the sentence of three years of imprisonment then he has the option of appealing for the bail, however, if the punishment exceeds the three years jail then he has to knock the doors of Bombay High Court. Interestingly, the BHC is going for a vacation next week, which means his lawyers need to be on the toe to expedite the application before the court or else they may have to wait for long to do the needful. Also, the other provision of applying to the Bombay High Court’s vacation judges can only work out if the lawyers are able to convince this panel. Let’s see how things go for the actor after 1.10 pm today.

Wrapping up

The prosecution was smart enough to present strong evidences against the actor inside the court, which made the conviction a reality of a star who has a huge fan following and power. He will not face the jail term for around 10 years on the above charges. The proceedings for the case have finally come to an end, while the details of the conviction for the actor are yet to come.  Also, the arguments for deciding upon the sentencing for Salman Khan are still to come. He is expected to be taken to Arthur Road Jail now for the punishment he has received by the court this Wednesday.


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