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Live- Salman Khan Goes to a 5 years Jail For Capable Homicide

The most infamous case of Salman Khan Hit and Run Case has finally got its verdict. The court has sentenced him for five years of jail and he is been taken into custody. As per the recent reports, the actor now has to apply for his bail at the Bombay High Court, which will be a tricky situation for him and his lawyers as the court is going for a vacation next week. Now, as the judgement and the number of years of imprisonment has come from the session court lawyer, the actor now faces the imprisonment at the Arthur Road Jail in Bombay. Unlike the other B Town actor like Sanjay Dutt, he may be given certain amount of time duration to complete his projects just to avoid the industry into loses.

However, his family seems to be missing now since they know the fate of Salman Khan hence no more sentences are seen coming out from them. As per the recent reports, the B Town actors would soon be visiting his residence at Bandra, which is being visited by Preity Zinta who has been his friend from long. On the other side, the judge was not seen lenient while pronouncing the verdict as he was seen referring the BMW hit and run case and Perira muder case. The court announced this verdict under the charges of culpable homicide, which is actually a serious kind of issue, hence the five years of jail was given to the actor.

On the other side the lawyers of Salman’s lawyer has submitted a document claiming that the actor is undergoing a severe medical condition, which will aggravate if he is taken into custody turning into a trauma. However, the judge doesn’t really considered the plea and hence was seen pronouncing the harsh conviction. He was also charged for driving the car under the influence of alcohol. Also, the arguments posed by the lawyers of Salman Khan were rejected, which gave the harsh statement. The lawyers would perhaps now move to Bombay High Court for appealing for the bail.

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