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Salman Khan Denied to Board a Flight for Being Late makes him Pissed him off




salman khan aruging with airport authorities

After the recent rape remark controversy, Salman Khan seems to be in trouble again as he landed himself in another soup. Recently he was seen taking a flight for Delhi from Mumbai but he had to miss it for being late for around 15 minutes.

The Sultan actor though reached on time to catch the flight but went on have a chilling time around which made him late for around 15 minutes. The airport authorities didn’t allow him to board the flight for Vistara Airlines despite arguing them.

As per reports despite reaching on time, he decided to have some chill time at the VIP lounge of the airport keeping multiple boarding announcements aside. This resulted the authorities to deny boarding the said flight. This certainly kept the actor fuming and soon he was seen getting into a heated argument with the authorities but finally he was not allowed to board the flight.

As per reports, amidst the heated argument the Sultan actor was seen bursting to laughter calling the situation to be weird. Well, at least it is good to see even celebrities are being treated like any regular person.

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