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Saif Ali Khan Denies the reports of her former wife getting upset

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As we hear about Saif Ali Khan getting her debut in B Town, we hear the news about her former wife getting upset with the comment of the Happy Ending actor. However, when Saif Ali Khan was asked about this new of her wife getting upset, he simply denied the reports and said that he is fully supportive of his daughter Sara’s acting aspirations. He then said that both he and his wife are on the same page when it comes to suggesting that he and Amrita Singh had some differences about the debut of Sara Ali Khan debut in B Town films calling it to be fictitious.

Saif Ali Khan said in a statement yesterday that it is really very much annoying to read such fictitious media reports about him and his former wife about their disagreement regarding Sara’s debut. He kept on saying that both have remained on the same page as far as Sara and her acting debut is concerned. He said they never had such kind of conversation and that he is supportive of Sara’s acting ambitions and they often discuss things in detail.

However, if you look at the media reports, we hardly see any clarity about which movie will mark te foray of Sara in Tinsel Town. Sara Ali Khan is one of the two kids he has with his former wife Amrita Singh to whom the actor actor has divorced in the year 2004. He also has a son who he has named Ibrahim. Now Saif has another kid Taimur Ali Khan with Kareena Kapoor.