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Ganga Serial on Zee Anmol, wiki, story, cast, timing, episode, review

Jeetu Likhar



Gangaa Serial

TV Channel – Zee Anmol

Star Cast – Aditi Sharma and Vishal Vashistha

Genre :- Social Show

Production House :-Sphere Origins

Days – Monday – Friday

Show Timing :- 06:30 pm

Release Date :- 26 June 2017

Synopsis: The Popular TV channel called&TV has embarked with a new TV show called Gangaa, which is all set to hit the small screen soon starting from 26th June 2017. The TV show is directed by Sunjoy Waddhwa, while it is produced under the production house called Sphere Origins. The TV show has an interesting star cast, which include Ruhana Khanna playing the lead character as Child Gangaa, Aditi Sharma As Gangaa (Ekkees Toppon Ki Salaami), Vishal Vashishtha As Sagar  (Veera), Gungun Uprari As Madhavi. Rakhi Vijan as Prabha Mami. Sushmita Mukherjee As Kanta Dadi and Hiten Tejwani As Niranjan Chaturvedi. The TV show is a social drama, which has an interesting idea as its central sstuff.

Talking about the show, the TV show happens to be the inspiring story of a child widow which is being characterized with some indomitable spirit and it will survive. But talking about her spirit and resilience will make sure that the TV show has emerged out as a winner, while the TV show has managed to touch the hearts of many who seems to have checked the promos of the TV show. The TV show has already hit the small screen coming first on Monday giving the show a cool hit. Well, as time flies it is likely to do better over the TRP list as well.

Although Jeetu Likhar grew up with strict parents and was never allowed to have videogames or consoles at home, his relationship with gaming started at a young age through social interactions at gaming centres and his friends houses. With the advent of social media and the internet, he fell in love with gaming and movies even more because of how strong the bond of the online community was. Although now he is married with two kids, a beautiful job, and a comfortable job at a bank, gaming will always hold a special place in his heart.