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Sadhvi Prachi Open Dare Attack on Anupam Kher: To Send Her and Yogi Adityanath to jail

Well the fire is not yet over guys, you might remember the smashing cum magnifying mouth attack by one of the former Bollywood star Anupam Kher isn’t? It was fire whose heat was spreading all over the globe rapidly, especially amongst those who were the sufferers of the event and were not even able to speak a bit. Hold your emotions guys if you really think that was all done in Kolkata then you must change your mind and this time the turn is of opposition party and also of those who have faced some dirty talks on them despite being in the same party. Indeed as the title grooves we are talking about Vishwa Hindu Parishad (VHP) leader Sadhvi Prachi, who have openly challenged and dared the star actor Anupam on Wednesday to send her and firebrand BJP MP Yogi Adityanath to jail.

Isn’t sounds something like a battle between the two peaks whose sufferers are the polite people, I know you might be searching for the valid proof about the same right? Then let’s check this out.. She added – “There are millions of people like Kher and I care the least for them.” With reference to this she also added – “The Opposition failed to play any role in national politics and it sought relief in Kanhaiya Kumar, also JNU has become the hub of anti-national activities.” – As per the sources.

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