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Kangana Applaud Her Sister Rangoli Ranaut as Real Hero!

A survivor who have been suffered a tenure that I wish no one should ever face in his/her life, indeed the story is all about the stunning super star Kangana Ranaut real sister ‘Rangoli’. Despite it has been some couple of years since the accident took place but still the time seems to be stuck at that moment only, especially for those who were deeply involved in it namely the survivor, the beloved family and near ones. However as of now she’s become the toughest struggler of her life and have become an inspirational person to the other person’s who have gone through such painful situations. But guess what Rangoli is really lucky to have Kangana as her beloved sister which is indeed a precious gift of God, have a look on what the actress added on the same..

Getting united at the launch of the cover of Femina magazine, she added – “Rangoli is a real hero and she should get her due, but we are not the kind of people who go out there and seek acknowledgement for our struggle. Rangoli’s story is extremely sensitive. Also she added, I want the society to applaud and acknowledge people who are real heroes. Rangoli is one such real hero, and I am very proud to be her sister. She has been my inspiration,” – Kangana added on the same. No doubt the pain which she has gone through is really unexplainable.

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