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Sacred Games Fans Complain on ‘Shoddy’ Subtitles on Twitter

Sacred Games 2

After the much awaited wait for Sacred Games, the second season has finally released fulfilling the expectations of its fans. However, the fans are experiencing a little problem on account with the subtitles for the second season of Netflix’s Sacred Games. However, the good side is that Netflix has already responded to these concerns.

Fans of Netflix’s Sacred Games are reported to be displeased with the English subtitles for the second season, released on August 15. Several people took on to their Twitter handle to rise complains about the shoddy subtitles, going out of sync.

Sacred Games is Netflix’s first Indian original series that was filmed predominantly in Hindi, with bits of Marathi, English and other languages mixed in it. However, the default language is Hindi, with an option for English, as well.

Very shortly after the release of the second season, several people mentioned that the English subtitles for the web series went a bit out of sync with the voice over and it was creating a lot of fuss.

Few of them mentioned, “Are the English subtitles on the episode 2 of Sacred Games out of sync for anyone else?” several others pointed out that the subtitles for the second episode were out of sync by about 20 seconds. “Is it just me or are the English subtitles for Sacred Games season 2 are kinda…. Shoddily done.”

Even Journalist Vir Sanghvi tweeted that he was ‘struggling’ to watch the second season, and that also experienced a lot of problems with the subtitles.

One of the fan complained, “I can’t finish watching sacred games 2 because the English subtitles aren’t in sync with the sound.”


Several others commanded Netflix to ‘please fix’ this issues as soon as possible.


The official Netflix customer care account on this issue tweeted that they are ‘aware of the situation’ and are working on it. The Tweet said, “Thanks for reporting this issue to us! We’re currently aware of the situation and are working to resolve this as quickly as possible! At this time we do not have an ETA as to when this will be resolved.”

Checkout the reactions, here:

Despite of the critical reviews for this hotly anticipated second version of Sacred Games, the reviews have been positive, however, the fan’s reaction are more of mixed ones. As per a popular newspaper, the second season has been awarded with 4.5 stars out of five.

The critical review said, “The second season of Sacred Games is a perceptive examination of how individuals work within organisations; of how everyone, regardless of their position, is in some manner or the other controlled by someone else.”

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