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Actress Sanjana Singh Produced DJ Pancho’s musical video Strawberry Warga

DJ Pancho's

Diva Sanjana Singh produced music video called Strawberry Warga. When the song hit social media, it started becoming viral and soon got a sizeable number of views on it. Thanks to the creativity showcased by DJ Pancho and the presence of the leading lady Sanjana Singh that made this possible. His team was quick to experience a good response with the music video that makes DJ Pancho think big and takes a plunge into Bollywood industry.

For DJ Pancho, life was full of music as he loved it in various forms. Hence when he grew up he landed up in the popular hotel group called Hilton sizzlingels and Resorts where he started working as a DJ. Soon he was exposed to different genre songs and music that gave him a good understanding of music. He started performing at many places in the country giving him a good exposure and money to invest in this domain to have his own office and recording studio where he toys around different forms of music. And Strawberry Warga is his own creation.

He is a successful DJ in the music industry and now owns a production house that helps him to embark upon good music and songs. He has his own supercar that speaks a lot about the high net worth of the 36-year-old DJ. For him working with Sanjana Singh was like a dream come true as she is among the emerging South Indian actress. With his cool music video, he is all set to stay in this world for long embarking with all sorts of music videos and albums. He still calls his success modest as he wants to go high over the success ladder.

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