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Sabki Bajegi Band – A Beginning To Explore Whispering Films In India

Sabki Bajegi BandTo share everything straight away in front of everybody indeed sounds something which can’t be explained. However, it’s impact is either virtually or in reality lead by each one of us. Moreover, if we talk about our day to day life then of course we as a human being always require a hand, a shoulder, a sweet company of a person with whom we can share everything. But, still there are situations when we as an individual always or never ever share our private things with anyone even if he’s our closest buddy. I guess some of you might be taking this on a serious note that we do we are quoting something philosophical isn’t? Ohhh,,, gosh if it is so then quickly erase that thing from your mind right now and have a look on what we are trying to correlate these thing with?

I guess almost 95% cases you’ll might be familiar with the word ‘Reality Shows’? don’t you? Yes, indeed. But, what else if I’ll say that the reality show will soon be turned into reality films? Isn’t something really shocking but interesting? Ya,,,, So, guys n gals get ready to face the reality movie for the first time in India with the title ‘Sabki Bajegi Band. And guess what who’s the guy exploring this? He’s none other than ‘RJ Anirudh Chawla’ who won’t let us down for sure. Moving on to the sources then it is stated that “The RJ refused to reveal the names of the people at the party, but said, “My intention was never to hurt anyone, but I only want to show the audience the real faces of our celebrities, their fierce desire, the truth behind their marriages, their kinks and fetishes…” – As per the sources. Once you’ll go through this, I bet you’ll forget everything. In addition to this, Yusuf added, “The footage shot by RJ Anirudh is so compelling and real, that I instantly decided to produce it and bring it to theatres.” – As per the sources.

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