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Ranbir Kapoor denies promoting Bombay Velvet

Ranbir Kapoor while addressing a press conference was seen walking away from in the midway just because someone from the press asked him personal questions. As per sources, the Rockstar actor would avoid such kind of situations in the coming future, Kapoor Jr will be avoiding the press conference. He clearly stated this to the filmmakers of Bombay Velvet that he would simply avoid attending such promotional events wherein he gets the chance to interact with press. Even he attends such events; he will not entertain personal questions.

Ranbir has clearly indicated that he would be giving only limited interviews for the film promotion. With this Ranbir has clearly given a strong message that his personal life is different than his professional life to the press. However, on the other side, the filmmaker of Bombay Velvet is simply worried about his magna opus and high budget film. Anurag Kashyap feels that this act of Ranbir Kapoor would backfire the promotion of his film as the actor is very much media shy and hardly speaks to the media except when he has releases.

The fact is no star right from Big B to SRK has laid down such kinds of conditions. Whereas no one is seen enjoying answering personal questions as well but they know that their fans wait to catch up things about their lives, which make them smart to deal with such questions. The media is not being governed by the stars. Hence Ranbir’s action seems to be gagging the press.

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