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Rupali Ganguly talks about the differentiation between TV and film actors

TV industry’s reputed actor and Anupama starrer Rupali Ganguly recently talked about her views on the difference between TV actors and movie actors.

Recently in an interview with Hindustan Times, Rupali Ganguly shared, “I don’t know why TV is still considered like filmon ka chhota bhai. I think there are fantastic actors here on TV but perhaps, because of easy accessibility it has become a norm, a set thing in people’s minds that film celebrities are huge. A lot of TV actors have made it big as film stars, such as Shah Rukh Khan, R Madhavan, Sushant Singh Rajput. Slowly, but steadily TV stars are getting their due credit.”

“We are slowly getting there. National Awards are extremely coveted. I think it is high time even we got recognised on a national, government level as actors are doing phenomena work. We are working 24/7… even in times of Covid, such challenging times, TV units have been working around the clock,” says the actress.

Meanwhile talking about Rupali Ganguly, Earlier a source had revealed that she is also the highest-paid actress in the TV industry. A source close to the development told an entertainment portal, “Rupali Ganguly started off with a fee of Rs 1.5 lakh per day. It was in the high bracket but then she is a senior actress. Now, she is commanding Rs three lakh per day. She is now the highest-paid actress on Indian TV. Rupali Ganguly has beaten many popular younger names in the business.”

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