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Rocky Handsome Movie Review

This Friday, we have a solo release Rocky Handsome with no other releases this week. The action thriller film has John Abraham, Shruti Haasan, Nishikant Kamat and Sharad Kelkar in the lead roles, while the child actor is Baby Diya Chalwad. The film is loosely based on a 2010 Korean movie called The Man from Nowhere. The film is co-produced by John Abarahm under the banner of JA Entertainment in association with Azure Entertainment of Sunir Khetrpal. The movie revolves around a man who loves to live in solitude and fights back with drug mafia when an 8 year old girl is seen kidnapped by the mafia. Now, let us dig in deep to get the crux of the film in the following paragraphs:


A mysterious hunk called as Rocky often termed as Handsome (played by John) loves to live a secluded life in Goa. He has an eight year old sweet girl in his neighbor who lives with her mother who is a drug addict. The girls love the company of Rocky but the man is too adamant to applaud it. One day her mother called Anna played by Nathalia Kaur is seen stealing drugs from a drug mafia from Goa, which puts her into trouble leading her daughter kidnapped by the mafia leader. At this juncture, you see Rocky intervening to save the innocent life of a young girl. Amidst this Police is also seen getting involved, which reveals the past of Rocky, what happens at the end is interesting to explore.

Script Analysis

The story seems too weak as it failed to emphasize initially over making the strong kind of connection between Rocky and the eight year old girl. Hence the urge of Rocky fighting for her rescue failed to remain credible. The other damaging aspect of the film was the villains. The negative characters including Pereira brothers seem overly annoying and energetic. Even the humor punches from them also felt like they are being added forcefully in the storyline. A core serious treatment to the content could have made the film much more sensible and interesting. The dialogues are barely noteworthy and memorable.  What’s interesting about the story of the past of Rocky is showcased in a concise fashion. No lightly stories and emotional drama seem to have added to the film. Also, in the second half, the connection between John and the girl emphasizes higher that was lacking before. The story is really rich with loads of action sequences and that seem more entertaining.

Star Performance

John playing the character of Rocky Handsome is seriously a fitting character. This means that he has got a tailor made role for himself. He is perfectly seen as a silent hero only task is to fight and eliminate people and walk with style and masculine look is incredible. His macho look and body add more amounts of seriousness to his character. Unlike his film Dhoom his fights and dialogue delivery is very much apt. The director Nishikant Kamat in the role of Kevin Periera is good and he seems to have showcased the nerves the best while standing against the character of Rocky. However, too much of humor by the director turned actor simply spoiled the character build up. Sharad Kelkar while playing the character of a Goa cop is wonderful in his performance. Their integrity, aggressiveness and fun all together add a genuine flair to the film. Lastly, Shruti Hasaan is simply kept in the film to add the glam factor, which she seems to have justified to some extent.

Music, Direction and Technical Elements

After his last film Drishyam, Kamat has emerged out as a known name in B Town. The audience therefore expects a lot from the director. However, this time he has dismayed the audience in many ways. The storytelling in the film is too weak away from any innovation. This simply appears to be a typical vengeful story giving a least in the film. At times, a core serious film gets suddenly humorous with loads of funny punches that breaks the interest of the audience this makes the direction lose the clarity. Action of the scenes are very much commendable and in the entire movie, the fight sequences are cool and cool editing between the punches make them more effective. The music of the film is worth ignoring. Some background music during these fights are really good but caters only one purpose in RH- distraction to the storyline.

Rocky Handsome – The Last Word

Rocky Handsome can be called as an action packed film of a man who is keen to save the life of a small girl from drugs mafia and his ultimate redemption. Ironically, it only has some great action sequences and nothing much. The weak storyline clubbed with some ordinary execution makes the rating low for the film.

Rating – 3

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