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Oopiri Movie Review

The south Indian cinema was happening with a couple of releases this Friday, which include the Telugu film Oopiri meaning Breath. It is also releasing in Tamil with a title Thozha. The film is made on the French movie called The Intouchables of 2011. Oopiri is produced by Prasad V Ptluri in both the said languages of South. Nagarjuna Akkineni, Karthi and Tamannaah are playing the lead characters in the film, while Prakash Raj, Ali, Jayasudha and Vivek are playing the supporting roles in it. The film is produced under the banner of PVP Cinemas. Now, time to take a look inside this Telugu movie and find the crux of the same as under:


Meet Mr. Vikaram Aditya played by Nagarjuna, who is a paralyzed billionaire who is in need of a care taker in order to add some spice in his boring life. He then is seen taking a number of interviews of candidates before he finds a shrewd man Seenu played by Karthi whom then appoints him as his assistant.  The careless attitude and liveliness of Seenu helps in winning the heart of Vikaram and his life is changed completely. However, the life becomes tough when Seenu’s personal problems invade him. Rest is an interesting story and find out how the two stand against each other for each other.


Let’s start with the positive things about the film. Oppiri can called a fresh air to breathe amidst the routine and monotonous kind of commercial movies, which Tollywood often brings out. The back of the director has to be patted for adapting the story from the film in the west in such a brilliant fashion adapting the native life of Telugu culture. You will certainly applaud, the fun, emotions and simplicity elements found in the film that can even win hearts of many. Talking about Nagarjuna, he certainly has proved himself to be a great entertainer, who impresses the audience with his power packed performance.

It was a risky role for him, but he seems to have defied this challenge very smartly. However, we have a scene stealer of the movie, which is undoubtedly Karthi who has made a thumping debut in a Tollywood film playing the character of Seenu. One of the biggest highlight of the film is the bromance between the two. You can find some wonderful chemistry between Vamsi Paidipalli and the lead male actor also becomes the main stay of the movie. In fact, you may not even find a single apologetic moment about the characters of Nag and Karthi. One can find Tamannah looking gorgeous, while her dance with Karthi can evoke a huge laugh.


Now, let’s check the negative aspects of the film. The second half of the film is a bit dragging. There are certain scenes during the Paris issue could have been slashed down in order to involve the audience even better. There are certain dull moments during this film as the pace of the movie is seen dipping bit. Oopiri is certainly a class act and those who expect something really commercial fun from the interesting star cast can be a bit dismaying. Also, the front benchers and so called mass audience could find the proceeding a bit slow.

Technical Aspects

PVP Cinema should be applauded for supporting such a unique venture as you can find the film very much promising and colorful. The photography is awesome as you find the captivating visuals elevating the mood of the film perfectly. The editing element is really good but there are certain unwanted sequences, which required to be slashed down in order to make the film much better. The task of direction and dialogues can be called better in many ways and now talking about the director, he is known to make good movies and Oopiri is no exception. Many would agree, this film has been one of the best films till date as he has re-invented himself in order to make a feel good movie, which will certainly go down memory lane like a path breaking movie in the south Indian movie cinema.

Oopiri – The Last Word

Though one can get a feeling that the film has catered to the higher class audience, however, any class of the audience can be impressed with it. Thanks to the universal emotions that have been imbibed into the film very smartly. It’s rare to find such a cool and meaningful film in Telugu films carrying gorgeous narration. Lastly, if you neglect the slow pace of the movie during the second half, you can certainly find Oppiri a film that can stand apart from the others and hard to miss by anyone who loves Telugu movies.

Rating – 3.5




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