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Rihanna’s Mini Doppelgänger Will Make You Do A Double Take!

Rihanna's Mini Doppleganger

Celebrity lookalikes come in various forms, but this little Rihanna doppelgänger has the singer herself shook. We’re not sure where Riri found her, but the comparison picture of the star and the little girl is burning up the internet. When it’s time for a Rihanna biopic, this little cutie has our vote for the role of a lifetime. It’s only because of social media that Rihanna was able to find her mini-me. Rihanna herself posted a picture of this girl with the caption “Almost drop my phone. How?”

Her post has garnered likes and attention from all over the world, and even pulled in comments from celebrities. Rihanna tagged the girl Honey’s mother, who amassed a large number of followers and likes after this. What makes the resemblance even more uncanny is thesomber face pose that makes the Honey look all the more like Riri in one of her red-carpet looks. They both have similarly shaped faces and even seem to have the same eye color.

With the launch of FaceApp and other such editing apps and a range of crazy filters, some users pointed out that this could be Rihanna herself playing around with some apps just as a joke. Some fans commented that maybe this was a secret daughter or love child, kept away from the paparazzi for her own protection. And we even have a quote from Interview Magazine where Rihanna told Sarah Paulson that she wants to be a mother “more than anything in life.”

We’ve been hearing about the infamous “P” on Rihanna’s schedule which is for her personal days that she takes off to spend with her boyfriend Hassan Jameel. Whether it’s music or photoshoots, Riri always puts her heart into whatever she does and we know that whenever she chooses to, she’d be a wonderful mother. Honey shared Riri’s post and said, “Thank you for posting my picture, I’ve always wanted to be a model.” Yes Honey, you’re already Instagram famous!

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