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Richa Chadha aims to celebrate everyday heroes and random acts of kindness through her new social media initiative, ‘The Kindry’

The world is facing the biggest upside down since the deadly Coronavirus Pandemic hit us. Looking at the number of deaths, positive patients, shortage of beds, oxygen, is creating chaos in the country. Although a lot of people are coming forward to help the needy during these tough times.

Now, Bollywood actress Richa Chadha has come forward with a new idea. In spite of telling people to be positive during these tough times, the actress has come up with a social media initiative called The Kindry. She believes that due to a lot of native news around us, positivity is ignored. Hence, she came up with this idea so people who work hard and do brave work should be recognized for their deeds. This is to bring forward the ordinary people who are no less than heroes and are giving help during these worst times.

Hence, Richa is starting an all-new, alternate page on Instagram called ‘The Kindry’. The page will also be managed by her and her co-founder, Krishan Jagiya. Krishan is also the designer of The Kindry and also is a community head at Fluid. The page will also host various live sessions, chats, and interactions with these everyday heroes who have done substantial work for the wellness of people, as well as influencers and other notable persons who have done big things for the cause and welfare of humanity.

Richa Chadha says, “With ‘The Kindry’, I intend to help find relief in a pent-up nation of people. By amplifying stories of courage and selflessness and celebrating unsung heroes via social media lives, interviews, etc. on the page, I believe we can create a community of empathetic people who are also willing to share stories and help each other. Through this page, we’d also look at crowdfunding partnerships to possibly provide aid and encouragement to heroes. Apart from this, we’d even like to create content – short films, feature films, songs, podcasts – that inspire empathy not just to Indians but to the whole world. Over time, I hope this will build a society where people are encouraged to be kinder to one another.”


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