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Revolver Rani movie review

Revolver Rani

Today, we have Revolver Rani hitting the theaters starring Kangna Ranuat, Piyush Mishra, Vir Das and Zakir Hussain, which is directed by Sai Kabir. If you check the nature of the movie, it can be called as a Drama. This can be called as a quirky twist of fortune wherein the outlandish outlaw from Chambal is seen falling in love with the winnable actor. Now, will she would be able to surrender her sensational love would be the thing to find in this movie. Well, as you watch this movie, you are ought to get two bullets striking you, one goes in your heart straight while the other over your gut. Such can be called as the firepower of a single crackerjack of a lady, who is smarter than the metallic conical bras, curses like any true bred of Chambal Ki Rani and even is seen firing loads of Barood over the bistarathan, which can help her toy boy can deal.

Well, indeed there is no daaku clan you are going to find in this movie, which helps in boosting up the fierce kind of phashionista that remain scarred and unattractive to the worst. The character of Revolver Rani deals with a lady who is basically a dacoit but turned out to be a politician. She has lost her election battle to her opponent based in Gwalior that witnesses the blood baths with bullets. As discussed above, her toy boy Rohan played by Vir happens to be a struggling Bollywood actor. He then becomes a full-fledged obsession. This guy simply wants to use her to enter the stardom, which, however, becomes the sex machine.

Now, you can find the movie a tragedy, which becomes an ironic blend of politics, comedy and the love story that comes with the bleeding injuries. One of the best skills of Sai Kabir is he is good in satirical storytelling and style. The bottom line is very much simple, politics, revenge and power. You can call it a combo of crass and cool, which usually can be discovered in the pulp fiction. He is seen in different moods having a notorious blend of violence, quirkiness, and certain eclectic background score. In the second half, you would see the songs simply interrupting, while a couple of humor is seen getting inspired by the Kill Bill.

Kangna is seen completely bubbling and firing over the barrels. Having played this role with her kohl eyes and mercurial kind of moods, she is seen using the weapon in order to fire the mind blowing way. While Vir is seen striking sometimes, however, you would see his role not properly fleshed out and Piyush in this movie sounds incredible. Piyush Mishra who happen to be playing Kangana’s Mama, happens to be a coldblooded politician who happen to be confused about his politics and prodigy especially when you talk about pushing the shove. However, the man who has simply impressed with his acting performance is Mishkka Singh playing the character of Payal Parhihar. He acts the role of a news anchor over a channel called Sagat Samachar. He is completely a good combo of shayari and hot news.

Hence if you claim that Payal Parihar can be a perfect metaphor of any Goswami, you may not be inflating about him and his performance for sure. As you start watching the movie, the very first five minutes here simply sounds to be extremely entertaining. However, you may not find such scenes lasting longer, which they really deserve. Although the shot at the climax really can be called as compelling one, which may even compel the audience to stand up and whistle you out, however, the absence of intensity you find in Revolver Rani can be called as a disappointing option.

Well you may not be called as a good sign in the movie, however, you may find the director of the movie creating some interesting and relatable kind of character in the role of Alka. He is good in showcasing her transition from a dacoit to a struggling politician who also fight for things like love, infertility, betrayal, marriage and her consistent desire to become gorgeous/fair in order to appear like any other beautiful women. Having said that the focus in the movie ironically seems to shift from Alka to a number of other themes and characters carried out a manic kind of pace.

Revolver Rani can be called as a perfect movie on the paper; however, if the creators of this film really want to create the right kind of spark, it was more required to have taken the character centric kind of path. In the midst, you can see even the story of the film disappearing and so is the editing part as well. You may find most of the parts of the movie being inspired by the Quentin Tarantino Films, wherein you often can find the robust female character carrying the guns in the template. The title tracks you find in Revolver Rani simply showcases crafting kind of violence in the movie simply somehow matches a number of his earlier movies.

Not only that you can even find the animated bits being copy pated from the Kill Bill as it is already being said in the above paragraphs. The fact of the matter is Revolver Rani could had the real potential of becoming the big and better movie of the year, however, the irony is that it simply selected a very confusing kind of story line, which is seen ruining the essence of the movie. In a sense the movie doesn’t seems to be working out in perspective of many seasoned and unknown critics, however, Kangana in this avatar seems incredible. Once again she has proved herself as a good actress, while Revolver Rani can be called being loaded with loads of gun power, which you can enjoy seeing the bullet being bitten off.

Last word of Revolver Rani Review

Therefore the star this movie deserves is simply 3 and not more than that, however, if you are interested in increasing the stars, it is only due to the ace performance of Kangana.

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