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Reviews: Chernobyl Episode 1: Intriguing to the core!


Amidst the several Television series and web series coming out lately and not to forget the ones in the pipeline, HBO has kept the fizz still alive. With several big players like Netflix/Prime shows coming out too, HBO’s capacity to surprise is still hitting hard.

Chernobyl is the latest example coming out from HBO’s bag that has given a simply gut wrenching experience to the audiences. The story goes around the 1986 Nuclear Plant tragedy in Ukraine, which was then part of Union of Soviet Socialist Republics that left many people wonder if Nuclear energy is the right move or not. Japan, Korea, China, few areas in USA are using controlled Nuclear Fission reactors for electricity and power development such that humans need to be less depended on water or coal based electricity.
But Chernobyl’s explosion shows how damaging even one milligram of Uranium atoms can be and the radioactive waste emitted turns a well flourishing city into a cemetery, hard for anyone to ever enter. After 33 years, the situation slowly changes but, what really happened and how it all transpired is the jest of the series.

This miniseries documents all the intriguing fashion characters making the series hard not to not binge watch the mini-series. The beginning of the series comes in an hour 20 minutes long episode presenting the best introduction to the series.

The first episode of Chernobyl has come out really super good and it will pull the audiences, righteously. The series holds its own unique tone of dramatizing the real events that have proved to be literally intriguing.

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