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Review Nisha web series: Puerile and Pointless

Web series Nisha, it’s a psycho-thriller that ends up telling you “everything is a dream”. The story is about the stereotypical psychopath (Anish Padmanabhan) who kidnaps three friends, including the main character Nisha, played by Vaibhavi Shandilya). The audience is made to believe that the kidnapper has the mission to take revenge, but even after four episodes, the story does not move. Yes, that’s what the web series Nisha is all about.

When a shoddy short film gets a decent budget, you get a web series called Nisha, that’s one way to describe this program. The plot is ingenious and absurd as this program requires a voluntary suspension of the common sense of the viewer.

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What’s more excruciating about Nisha is the characters. Nisha’s dad Murali doesn’t want to go to the police because it will affect the reputation of his family and daughter. He convinces his friend Saravanan, a former private investigator, to find Nisha.

What is most irresistible about Nisha is her character. Nisha’s father, Murali, did not want to go to the police because it would affect the reputation of his family, so he convinced his friend Saravanan, a former private detective, to find Nisha.

The director Karthik Rajan (Karry) tries to present Saravanan as a deviation. So we have this scene where the investigator masturbates with a photo of Murali’s girlfriend Kiki (Ujjayinee Roy), who has doubts about Nisha’s psychiatrist. As if that was not enough to see him wearing sunglasses in the bathroom, we also have a song in the background that says “Manthiram Manthiram”, which describes the act of masturbation.

The program has no emotions and does not provoke sympathy for the three hostages, even if they are subjected to real physical torture. The scene where Nisha is forced by her abductor to undress is portrayed as a voyeuristic movie instead of feeling it. Even Nisha’s father did not seem to be so worried.

The synchronizing of Vaibhavi Shandilya’s lips and the design of the artistic director K Manikan are two things that make the splendor of this yawning saga. Yuvaraj Chandan’s score and background songs are as good as Nisha’s character. The background notation serves as a gesture to describe each character. Like “Manthiram Manthiram” for Saravanan, Kiki is remarkable and dares to get the modern version of “Kolava Satham”.

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