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Abu Malik evicted from Big Boss House

abu malikThe latest and controversial news from the most popular show BIGG BOSS is concerning Abu Malik an incredible music composer being evicted from Bigg Boss house. The eviction process tended to be very strange. A day before Salman Khan announced that the Paras chamber is getting safe and after that only two members Abu Malik and Siddharth still remained nominated for eviction. Salman asked for votes from the house members, itself. The vote of six girls against Abu Malik made him the scape goat and that’s why Salman Khan announced that Abu Malik had to leave the Bigg Boss house facing the eviction. This incident happened on Monday night.

Generally, all the evictions are done on weekends but this eviction clarified that in Bigg Boss house anything can happen at any time.

This eviction is quite a shocking eviction for all the contestants in Bigg Boss’s house.

Abu Malik has stayed in the Bigg Boss house for last 3 weeks but, when a reporter asked him about how satisfied he is with his short journey in Bigg Boss house then, Abu Malik answered that he thinks he can survive for at least 1 month.

Abu Malik even told the reporters that the journey of 3 weeks in Big Boss house was very entertaining for him. Addressing the media, he mentioned that his best friend in this house is Siddharth and they enjoyed their time a lot in the house.

When the question about the winner of this show was asked to Abu Malik, he suggests the name of Siddharth and Paras. Abu Malik also told the media that the TV girls are playing fake games because they always try to be on the screen they do not know the real meaning of this game.

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