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Revealed : Secrete Behind Viral Pics of Angoorlata Deka BJP’s MLA

IMG-20160526-WA0004 angurlata deka

What to depict about the girl who’s nothing but a smasher of all the Bollywood celebs, well to start with can you answer a simple question? Who doesn’t name and fame in this entire globe? It is something for which we are actually running like anything but still it’s really harder to achieve however there are some people around the B town who’re capable of dragging some sparking attention towards themselves whenever they want, are you guessing the name? Indeed she’s none other than Angoorlata Deka – Earlier was just a name but nowadays have become sparkers not even in the social media but also in the trends news portals. Moreover do you have any idea about the shocking fact about her? I can bet for this that the secret will not only give you a shock but will also spark your level of excitement, check out the secret right over here.

Coming on to the secret then as per our true sources the pics which are getting viral all over the B town was shared with the personal account of Sapna Vyas Patel, isn’t shocking? Yes, it is but is actually a bitter fact that despite she’s notching some embarking attention but still our motive was just to explore the fact. I know every statement need to be clarified with a valid proof, so here’s what we have for you..


After Olympic Swimming Trials #AngoorlataDeka getting ready for Yoga Day @subhash_kota@DEBKANCHAN@TheWorldCitizen

— 1Lac Singh (@singhsdv) May 23, 2016

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