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REPORTS – Tanushree Dutta claims someone tried to kill her

Tanushree Dutta is a well-known Bollywood actress who has been outspoken on social media about the challenges she has encountered in the industry over the years. Whether it was the Me Too movement, discussing her personal life, or standing up for herself, she has always expressed her viewpoint. In addition to this, she recently published yet another post in which she blamed Nana Patekar, his attorneys, collaborators, and acquaintances in the Bollywood mafia. Now, in a recent interview, the actress alleges that numerous attempts to assassinate her in various methods have been made.

According to Times Of India reports, in a recent interview, Tanushree Dutta said that after speaking out against sexual harassment, her car’s brakes were designed to kill her in several ways. The actress admitted that while she was in Ujjain, her car’s brakes had been tampered with on several occasions. Tanushree went on to say that she had had an accident, which required her to lose a lot of blood, and that it took her several months to recover. She also continued by saying that someone had once attempted to poison her.

Tanushree Dutta elaborated on the incident, claiming that a maid was secretly placed in her home and eventually became ill. The actress believed that her water had been tampered with.

Earlier this day, Tanushree claim, “If anything ever happens to me let it be known that #metoo accused Nana Patekar, his lawyers & associates & his Bollywood Mafia friends are responsible! Who is Bollywood Mafia?? Same people all whose names came up frequently in the SSR death case. ( note that all have the same criminal lawyer).”

For those who are unaware, Tanushree Dutta quit acting in 2010. She indicated that she would be returning to Bollywood in 2020 and that she already has offers from films and online shows. Tanushree affirmed that she is also keen to work on Hollywood-related projects.

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