Read What Makes YouTuber And Influencer Gaurav Taneja A Wave Of Change In The Fitness Industry

Gaurav Taneja

Everyone who is a hardcore gym freak knows who Gaurav Taneja is. He is one of the most celebrated names in the fitness industry who is known for his innovative content on social media. With being a pilot by profession, he discovered his interest in bodybuilding and is a top name in the fitness world today. He has two popular channels on YouTube – ‘Flying Beast’ and ‘Fit Muscle TV’. While the former has got a massive 1.73 million subscribers with the content like vlogs, daily lifestyle stories and much more on it. Besides this, his wife Ritu and daughter Kaira have appeared several times in his vlogs.

As far as ‘Fit Muscle TV’ is concerned, it has got 1.22 million subscribers and is an ultimate platform for all the fitness enthusiasts. Right from sharing fitness tips to giving proper knowledge about nutrition, his channel holds a great significance. He was born on July 9, 1986, in Kanpur and is currently residing in Delhi. However, his education is something which will leave one in surprise. He finished his education and got a bachelors degree from IIT Kharagpur after which he became a pilot. He has been a former pilot at the Indigo Airlines. But today, he is widely recognized as an influential internet personality, all thanks to his insane fan following on YouTube.

It was during his school time, he got fascinated by fitness and the inspiration behind it is none other than Salman Khan. During his college days, fitness became a vital part of his life and there’s no stopping for him since then. From IIT Kharagpur to aviation to the best fitness YouTuber today, Gaurav Taneja has succeeded in every career he chose. Talking about the same, he said, “I live in the moment. I simply do whatever excites me. Most of the time there is an intuition which I follow whenever I step towards my new journey. If my heart says I can do this, I actually get it done. I actually live by the policy, life is short and the time is now.”

With fitness being of utmost importance, he is trying to bring a change in the fitness industry by providing relevant content to its audience. He has been educating the Indian community about the importance of being fit by delivering the best content which will help people live a healthy and fit lifestyle. In the coming years, Gaurav Taneja aims to take ‘Fit Muscle TV’ to a new level by creating real content and he plans to have frequent interactive sessions with his followers.

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