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Raqesh Bapat says ‘I am not going to have children anymore,’ Shamita Shetty and other housemates bust into laughter

Bigg Boss is known for making Unbreakable relationships. This season on Bigg Boss OTT has seen some spark between Raqesh Bapat and Shamita Shetty. The two have become talk of the town ever since they started sharing a beautiful bond in the house. On the show, the couple also admitted to having feelings for each other. Their housemates, on the other hand, frequently make fun of Shamita for “dominating” Raqesh in their relationship.

Recently a new promo has been released by the makers of the show which shows the contestants are having a gala time with each other. Raqesh can be seen laying down on the sofa as he calls
Shamita Shetty and demands a kiss from her.

Shamita can be heard saying, ‘Thank you very much’ and walks away Neha Bhasin takes a dig at Shamita and tells Raqesh ‘Tum iss ladki ke sath connection banana chahte ho jo itna fu-fu karti hain saara time’.

Shamita rushes over to Neha and pushes her onto the sofa after hearing her taunt. Bigg Boss suddenly pulls a prank on the trio and tells them to freeze. Raqesh was overheard saying to Bigg Boss, ‘Bigg Boss, I can’t sit in this position.’ ‘My b**ls are in pain.’ Bigg Boss quickly let them go. Later, Raqesh declares, ‘I am not going to have children anymore,’ and this statement breaks Shamita’s heart.

Meanwhile, Kashmera Shah, an actress, has slammed Raqesh Bapat’s relationship with Shamita Shetty.

Kashmera tweeted, “Congratulations @RaQesh19, you are on your way to becoming a henpecked husband… again.” (sic)

However, Raqesh’s ex-wife Ridhi Dogra hit out at Kashmera for making “a loose comment.” She replied, “Again? Excuse me.

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