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‘Crime Stories: India Detective’ based on four major crime investigations’ trailer OUT!

Netflix unveiled the trailer for their new Docuseries, Crime Stories: India Detectives, on Tuesday. The series is set in Bengaluru and covers some of the city’s most frightening and perplexing crimes. ‘Crime Stories: India Detective,’ directed by N Amit and starring Jack Rampling, is produced by Minnow Films. The series will follow four big criminal investigations and will also give viewers a glimpse into the police officers’ personal lives and personalities as they investigate the crimes.

Netflix’s trailer, which was uploaded on their social media account, is both intriguing and thrilling. It depicts police officers conducting investigations, packing their pistols, meticulously reviewing CCTV footage, and pursuing after someone while speaking in Kannada (the local language).

The series follows the Bengaluru Police Department and chronicles a never-before-seen look into Indian police tactics and operations. The docu-series, which will premiere on Netflix on September 22, will give viewers a look into the mind of a suspect as well as a unique look into the complicated and challenging inner workings of four big crime investigations.

The Creative Indians, Bad Boy Billionaires, Wild Wild Country, Searching For Sheela, and Alma Matters are just a few of the non-fiction Docu-Series that Netflix has released.

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