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Ranvijay Singha shares – Army is the most secular place

Ranvijay Singha

Ranvijay Singha feels blessed over the fact that he belongs to a family which has served the nation for almost 100 years now. Talking about what it feels like being a army kid, Ranvijay Singha says – “When my dad was posted in Delhi, we used to go to this parade, and there all other awards which are not gallantry and presented on January 26, would be given. It wasn’t for the public. The time from December to January made you feel appreciated by the rest of the country, as all these events would happen back to back. It would start from Christmas, Happy New Year and go on till Republic Day.”

Talking about the service that army offers, Ranvijay Singha says – “It’s a selfless organization. I can’t imagine how a soldier or Army officer stays away from their families. It’s not like the incentives are very high, it comes from respect, integrity and honor. It’s the way the family feels about anyone who is in the Army, they are very proud. I just wish that other people who don’t have members in Army also respected the Army, Navy, Air Force as much. There are times when the heart breaks, there are tensions, these guys give their life to the country.”

Ranvijay Singha feels proud and shares – “There was no bhed-bhaav, it was the most secular place, until I didn’t get out of the Army bubble. My dad was a Sikh, in the Rajputana Rifles. We would celebrate Christmas, Eid, Holi, Gurpurab, everything. We would be excited and go out with friends to a Christmas lunch here, for kheer. There was no inequality. When we would go out to play in the evenings, it wasn’t as if the girls would play with dolls and the guys football,, everyone would tough it out. We were brought up in a way, with chivalry, honour. It’s not something to be taught.”

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