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Gauahar Khan: Tandav’s strength is variety of characters

Gauahar Khan

Gauahar Khan is playing Maithili Sharan in Tandav. Talking about the series she says – “There is not a single lead or one character that can drive this kind of a series. The strength of this series is the variety of characters that come in and add to the story. I think he is smart enough to know how important each element is for the show. And that’s how he treated us even on set. Each character was given such weightage on the show that it was really impressive.”

Gauahar Khan talks about her reaction during when she got the script. Gauahar Khan says – “I was like, ‘Wow, this is a huge show with so many characters.’ At the time, I didn’t know who was going to play which character. I just knew that there will be a lot of very strong characters and my part is one of them. And when I got to know that Saif is on board with such an amazing cast and finally Dimple ma’am came towards the end, I was very excited.”

Talking about her character, Gauahar Khan says – “She’s not someone who would panic and come under pressure, and that is why she is so close to Dimple ma’am’s character Anuradha. Maithili is a special character to me because of this overall power that she has in this game of power.”

She also spill the beans over strongest point of Tandav says – “One of the strongest points of Tandav is that there are so many women who play really strong characters. It is interesting to watch even women in power. So, it’s not just for effect. It is actually what Tandav is all about.”

Talking about getting a tag of being selective, Gauahar Khan says – “I’m not choosy but I do relate to quality. For me, the kind of production house and the people I’m working with matters a lot. Every year, I have done projects that have stood out. So for me, quality matters and not that I should just keep churning out things back to back.”

Gauahar and Zaid

Gauahar Khan concludes sharing about her marriage with Zaid Darbar. She says – “I found love and got married in a year like 2020. My life is always about being happy and positive. That’s how I have been and that’s how I plan to lead it in the future as well.”

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