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What Ranveer Singh is seen opening up his heart for Padmaavat and on Sanjay Leela Bhansali

Ranveer And Sanjay Leela Bhansali
Ranveer And Sanjay Leela Bhansali

Ranveer Singh who has given his spellbound performance in the recently released film called Padmaavat was seen speaking a lot about the film and the director a lot. He was applauded for his performance when he played Khilji in the lead negative role in the said movie. Well, he was seen speaking pouring his heart out when he was interviewed about the film recently. Let’s catch up the excerpts of the film as under:

While talking about the honor and self respect of the director, he said it was tarnished by some goons when he was attacked and while when his sets were smashed by the fringe groups. He said that the director has to face a lot with these undemocratic agitations going against his movie. He said while he was directing the film, he had to hear all the mess over his phone from one or the other that have wrecked all havoc in his personality. However, he said that the director put every inch of his energy to make this film and work the best over the box office.

Talking about his character, the actor said that it was tough time to play the scary character on the silver screen and he was concerned playing the same, however, he managed to play this character with all ease and craziness. He then talked about his chemistry with Jim the film and was really happy to see how it has worked for the movie. He then talked about the lady Deepika he said that he was moved with her performance and moved with tears along with catching up the last scene. Lastly when he was asked about Shahid Kapoor he said he and Deepika along with Shahid they all had the blast. And then the last thing came, the slap scene when he was slapped for 24 times to get the right one. He said it was painful to get.

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