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How Ranbir Kapoor’s social media debut was a failed attempt?

Ranbir Kapoor in Social Media

No sooner, the number of fans of Ranbir Kapoor -the heartthrob of Bollywood learnt that their hero is finally joining the bandwagon of social media, they simply were seen on cloud nine. He has kept himself away from the social media since many believed he feels uncomfortable dealing with personal questions, which often are posed to B Town celebrities who are active on social media platforms. But finally he made his mind and got the nerves of steel to manage the affair. So, when we hear he has joined the social media platform to connect with his fans, we feel very much happy being his fan. However, it was a matter of utter dejection to see how his fans were taken for a ride by the Roy actor. He was on air on 6 different social media platforms for around 6 hours but made his fans realise that he was not htere for them but by being the part of a terrible marketing drive. That makes his presence over social media platform bizarre and an epic failure.

Hey You all, Watch Me backspace

 The Jagga Jasoos actor started off with a lament video clip wherein he was seen slogging tweeting for his first tweet. He kept typing once, twice and thrice and every time ending up pressing the backspace button. However, digging deep, those hands simply do not appear like that of Ranbir’s.

Selfie made shoefie turning a flop-fie

 Soon followed was a series of pictures embarking in a selfie style, which he called as a shoefie having posed his shoes with his watches and later a cup of tea. All these simply turned out a big flop-fie since it failed to garner the right impact, which it should be from any star.

 My Love for Lenovo is incredible

 Well, the Social Media Bang Bang was no film or his self PR gimmick, but was meant just to draw the attention of his fans towards the new edition smartphone Lenovo A6000 as he is endorsing the same over a number of social media platforms. He was seen saying, I cannot find my Lenovo, well, who cares where is your phone and what brand do you use? With this the fans seemed fumed up soon seen asking for the real Ranbir to stand up for them.

 His Funny stunts made all cry

 Soon the Roy Actor was seen coming out with another video, wherein he was seen shaking his booty wherein he said something, which the censor would not allow to jot down in front of any decent audience. Overall, the act on the video seemed funny but cannot exceed by one percent rather allowing his fans to cry and pull their hair.

 Stupidity comes in 6 different shades

Last but not the least, he was seen with a collage of six different faces, which seemed nothing but a disaster posing different perplexing messages to the audience particularly his fans. But one message that went loud and clear that Ranbir made fun of his fans by promoting one smartphone brand and has least to do with his fans.

Wrapping up

 Though the fans had gala time when Ranbir was seen announcing his entry into Social Media Platform, however, it dismayed a number of people all over the social networking landscape who turned up to talk to their star but disheartened the way to see how the entire phenomenon was nothing but a poor marketing gimmick. Thanks to his username converting too soon to a username of a smartphone brand. The repercussion was obvious, Ranbir lost loads of his fans from the said Twitter handle, making his endeavour a big flop indeed.

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