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Why Should Akshay Kumar do more movies like Baby?

Akshay Kumar in Baby

The Neeraj Pandey’s film Baby hitting yesterday has created lots of buzz in the media. It has a positive review by most of the critics in the media. And as you watch the film, you would find it very much captivating, realistic and classy content rich movie. Once again Neeraj Pandey was able to embark with some of the best flicks, which seems to have proved like another masterpiece by the talented director after giving successful and content rich movies like Special 26 and A Wednesday. Apart from a couple of intricacies, which are involved in his recent venture called Baby, the performance of Akki was simply awesome. Perhaps, with this movie, the actor has simply taken his acting skills (action) to next level. This gives more reasons to Akshay Kumar to do more such movies like Baby, let’s check the prominent ones as under:

Akki Justifies the action hero tag better

There is certainly no one in B Town, who can snatch away the action hero tag from Akshay Kumar. He is known to deliver his best while doing stunts on his own without caring the intensity of the risks involved in the action sequences. The more you watch him performing in an action avatar in different films, the more you are convinced that he is simply the best who does things with great passion while his actions are being presented the most dexterous way over the celluloid. Unlike SRK is known as the king of romance, Govinda the King of Comedy and Aamir Khan as Mr. Perfectionist, there is no two thought about the fact that Akki rules the world of action and movies like Baby do justice to his unimpeachable talent.

Here comes a hit after few flops

Akki has given a number of movies like Boss, Housefull, The Shaukeens and Singh is King. However, as you dig deep into such movies, you feel that his talent has simply being wasted over the 70 mm silver screen for being the part of some mindless cinemas. He deserves more such movies like Baby, wherein he gets the opportunity to showcase his impeccable talent with challenging roles. After doing a couple of mindless films and entering back into the action domain wherein he has the expertise, he has certainly embarked as a king of action. Baby has simply changed the game for Akki and if continues doing a couple of such movies, he revives his lost action avatar. It would be unfair to count Holiday since this film has also a glimpse of action with a blend of a bit of comedy as well, but never mind it did break the monotony of mindless movies for him.

Competes with Khans

No doubt, the film industry is dominated by the Three Khans (SRK, Salman & Aamir), who all time and again have been creating history. The year 2014 belonged to all the three Khans starting with Salman giving a quick 100 crore club movie called Kick, then came SRK with Happy New Year breaking the first day record by turning the top grosser in its very first day and above all Aamir with PK created his own record by entering into triple century figure with a worldwide collection above 600 crore film. However, with films like Baby, Akki comes out at par with the Khans. He has the same sort of persona and stardom in the masses. With Baby, he is indeed back in business and if continues with such action packed movies, he is certainly give the Khans a tough fight.

A leader of new sort

Baby is out with a bang and so has Akshay Kumar embarked with it in the very start of 2015. He is an actor who has once again proved that in order to be a leader for the masses; you do not need to have romancing couple or raunchy chemistry. Akki has the power and potential to drive the industry single handedly provided he keeps on getting such movies in a row. The director was smart enough to launch him single with no male or female actor of higher star value since he knew he has an end product powerful to win hearts of audience and critics. He has complete trust on Akki’s potential who in turn has banged the world with power packed performance in Baby. No other character in the film was able to steal the thunder and incredible performance he gave in Baby, that’s the beauty of this actor. If he is keen to stick around in the game of popularity and stardom, perhaps with such more films, he becomes a new leader of B Town.

A Right Script for the Right Actor

The success of any film would depend upon only one mantra, which works out when Right Script Meats the Right Actor. Baby is a truly tailor made film for the actor – Akshay Kumar. He was able to do this movie without many efforts and in the breeziest way. Thanks to the expertise he has to play such types of roles without any hassle or issue. The other two movies wherein he did justice without actually slogging and giving rot was Special 26, OMG and even Holiday to a great extent.

Wrapping up

With Baby, Akki’s expertise to do quality action movie with utter professionalism and passion was once again got proved. With his impeccable performance, he has give message to all the filmmakers that it’s the films like Baby where he can showcase some of his best talent to the world rather than mindless movies. Perhaps, now is the time for Akshay Kumar to embark with more movies like Baby.

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