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Ram Gopal Verma loses his language for MSG’s Saint

Once again Ram Gopal Verma is back with her controversial tweets in the microblogging site- Twitter. This time he has targeted the Gurmeet Ram Raheem the chief of Dera Saccha Sauda over twitter. As per reports, the popular filmmaker has called the actor cum producer of the film MSG- The Messenger as an ass. While his movie is making huge collection over the Box Office, thanks to his huge amount of followers who have left no stone unturned to keep the collection high for the film. Well, what would you now call Ram Gopal Verma calling the MSG maker an ass? Check it out what he has said in over Twitter.

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In his first tweet, RGV said that MSG’s actor and producer Ram Rahim is basically a hybrid cross seen in between illusionary Salman Khan or Rajnikant apart from being the delusional Saint or Satan, so he is nothing but the real ass.

In the next tweet, he said that Ram Rahim is an ass though he didn’t mean in literal or figurative way, however, if anyone is failing to understand him he is an ass.

In his last tweet, he said that Ram Rahim is not doing any service to his followers and is certainly an anti social element in the society.


  1. Only an ass can have such a thinking for a spiritual leader, btw the movies of Ram Gopal Verma are all time Bakwas and Jerks, Sholay of Ram Gopal Verma was the most worst movie ever.. and he still think himself a Director, what a lame and shame

    1. This “Spiritual” leader has been accused of rape and convincing 400 of his followers to castrate themselves, promising that they will be able to talk to god if they do that……. This so called leader is exploiting the stupidity, and gullibility of the people so that he can be RICH! It’s about time India realizes how sick and disgusting religion is.

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